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Digital Games that Empower Teens

Our Mission: To empower young women to choose healthy relationships.

Our mobile Role Playing Games (RPGs) empower teens as they connect to their inner power, honor their innate wisdom, build their confidence, and choose relationships that nurture their souls.

Our commitment is to strengthen the foundation on which our society is built: healthy, respectful, hopeful romantic relationships. Girls need education on how to keep themselves emotionally, physically, sexually, and psychologically safe in relationships. Boys need education on what is OK and not OK when it comes to sex and dating.

Players get an opportunity to value their emotional, physical, spiritual, sexual, and financial safety above people pleasing and social acceptance.

Relational Harm is a Societal Problem

The Numbers are Shocking

  • 39% of women ages 15+ suffered emotional abuse by husbands/partners.
  • 1 in 3 women will be raped at some point in their life.
  • 1 in 5 female high school students are physically and/or sexually abused by a dating partner.
  • 10.3% of girls in grades 9-12 are forced to have sexual intercourse by a dating partner.
  • 40% of girls age 14 to 17 know someone their age who has been hit or beaten by a boyfriend.

The harm is done on a soul level. Souls bleed in the aftermath of psychological abuse.

A good relationship is the single most important factor in determining satisfaction with your life and overall happiness.

and yet there is no Education for Teens about Love and Healthy Relationships

According to Professor Alexandra Solomon, author of Loving Bravely,  “We know that teens are anxious about developing romantic relationships and they feel unprepared. Data from a Harvard study of over 3,000 young adults 18-25 indicated that 70% want to talk with parents about love and 65% wish they had learned about love in school.”

Girls and young women romanticize relationships, believing that they have to be in a relationship to be whole. They are often passive in relationship choice, waiting for a man to choose them and often staying in a dangerous relationship, waiting to be released from it.

RPGs that Shift Culture

By experiencing a healthier reality, we can make it come true

RPGs are a phenomenal way of trying a new way of being. The only way to learn how to do something is by trying it. And getting it wrong, and adjusting your course.

When you stop looking for love and security outside of yourself, you can relax into your natural state of being: love, peace, joy.

When you can be joy and love, you won’t tolerate abusive behavior on your quest to find love outside of yourself. This is the message woven into all of our games.

Healthy Relationships Start with Self Love

Stop Being N.I.C.E. Neurotic, Insecure, Controlling, and Ego-Driven

Don’t worry. We all are. It’s not a personal problem. You innocently believe that, if the world matched your preferences you’d be happy (good grades, a prestigious college, the perfect job, body, house, partner, etc.). Happiness is an inner job.

Neurotic: Paying attention to the endless chatter of your brain. (70% of it is negative.)
Insecure: Full of self-doubt; Feel like an imposter.
Controlling: Trying to control the world so that you feel OK.
Ego-Driven: Driven by the false belief that you’re here to get yours, compete, and win.
In our RPGs, players discover another way. And when you discover it, you will wonder why you spent so many years struggling.

Switching Operating Systems

to experience joy and ease

Our RPGs show players how to switch from their faulty human OS where 70% of our thoughts are negative, to a deeper OS, where we are guided by universal intelligence.

We go through life relying on our human operating system believing that we are a camera taking pictures of the outside world and reacting to it. This is living life from the outside in.

When we switch to our deeper, intuitive operating system, we realize that we are projectors and what we see on the outside world is a mirror of what we are projecting from the inside. This is living life from the inside out.

In our Games Teen Learn...

sexist behavior isn't cool

Women swim in a patriarchal They are conditioned to view themselves through male eyes and become performers seeking approval by portraying themselves as sexualized, perfected selves.

Zero-tolerance for abuse

We are entrained to passively accept violence towards women in video games, music videos, and movies. Women are programmed to be nice, put others first, and tolerate abusive male behavior. They are misguided by the pervasive attitude of “boys will be boys”.

how to identify red flag behavior

Manipulators are sneaky. It takes education and practice to be able to see when someone is manipulating you. Women are conditioned to ignore their inner warning systems and shift attention away from red flags that appear early in a relationship.

put your well-being first

It is not selfish to expect and demand that people treat you with kindness, respect and dignity.

Set healthy boundaries

Firm, healthy boundaries are vital to personal wellness and to create a brilliant, creative life.

honor inner guidance

You don't have to do it alone. You are not the only woman plagued by self-doubt, lack of confidence, and uncertainty about how to start. We've got you! We are in this together.

discover inner power

You don't have to do it alone. You are not the only woman plagued by self-doubt, lack of confidence, and uncertainty about how to start. We've got you! We are in this together.

Why jam games?

It is a miracle that any teens get to adulthood with a healthy sense of Self in this culture

Most social-emotional learning programs assume that you just need information. If you just knew what to do, you would do it. Most self-help programs assume that you need to do inner work to clear your heart and mind, but rarely focus on action.

We blend the best of education and transformational coaching in our RPGs so that teens TAKE ACTION to create a new reality for their lives. 

Life can be a Joyous Adventure

Caprice Thorsen

Joyful Founder

Entrepreneur. Education revolutionary. Coach. Mother of 2 amazing teen daughters. Visionary. Strategizer. Doer.

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A good relationship is the single most important factor in determining satisfaction with your life and overall happiness.


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